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Flagsin Group provides a wide range of customizable services

to with assist your fleet management needs throughout your project cycle. From collecting data on your assets to facilitate decision making to performing qualitative assessments post project completion and everything in between.

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Fleet Management Evaluation/SAE

Are you an asset owner that needs help assessing your fleet? Flagsin Group’s Standard Asset Evaluations are a great way to get a baseline metric of your fleet’s condition. Utilizing our inhouse data analytic capabilities, we can provide you with a clear picture of the state of your fleet and the ability to make data driven decisions. Our goal is to optimize the facility maintenance budget of our clients and to assist them in balancing out the condition of their assets over time.

Project Scoping

Are you unable to appropriately budget for exterior restoration projects? Flagsin scope documents utilize the data collected during the standard asset evaluation to provide minimum requirements for repair and surface preparation required to bring a facility up to nearly new condition. The scoping documents can provide a guide to budgeting and ensure transparency in contractor bids by standardizing project scope expectations. When combined with a post project evaluation, the scoping documents can be utilized to ensure repairs and remediation paid for where completed correctly.

Project Management

Do you need assistance tracking your exterior restoration projects to ensure you’re getting what you pay for? Flagsin Group provides project management services focused on tracking quality throughout the project. We work with the contractor to collect meeting minutes and progress photos as the project progresses. Our goal is to ensure you as the asset owner are receiving a quality end product by holding the contractor accountable for their work. Thorough documentation also protects the contractor during warranty claims.

Post Project Evaluations

Is your facilities maintenance program missing a quality assurance partner? Flagsin group provides multiple levels of post project evaluations to meet your needs, ranging from a facility walk immediately after completion to a warranty walk six to twelve months post project. Our primary post project evaluation is referred to as a Level 1 evaluation. A Level 1 evaluation occurs six to twelve months post project completion and provides a new baseline data point for asset condition as well as evaluating the completeness and quality of paint and repair performed. Our goal is to encourage mutual accountability across all interested parties thereby ensuring agreed upon standards have been met.

Ready to join the team?

The team at the Flagsin Group is always on the lookout for great talent.  If you are interested in the joining the team, check out our positions below.

Evaluation Field Technician

Field Technicians travel to assigned project sites to collect data and generate standardized deliverables from that data.

Project Engineers

Our Scope Engineers are responsible for utilizing exterior evaluations data collected by our field technicians to create a clear and concise scope document outlining the preparation and repairs required at that particular location.

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