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Evaluations Technician

Remote, US

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Job Description

The Field Technician will be assigned a grouping of locations that they will be responsible for evaluating. Travel is required as all locations must be physically visited for data collection. As a 1099 independent contractor, the Field Technician is responsible for providing their own vehicle, laptop, and a smartphone that meets the specifications outlined in our standard operating procedure to ensure it will take quality high resolution digital photos. Select technical equipment will be provided for use. Field Technicians must manage their own travel arrangements and expenses, but will have assistance with effective route planning. There is a high degree of flexibility in scheduling and routes providing deadlines and expectations are met. Effective communication with the administrative team while on the road is vital.

Your Role :

At each location, technicians will perform standardized tests, capture photographs of the building, and record any visible damage to the coating or building substrates. Results from standardized tests will be recorded in an electronic form accessed through a smartphone. Damage is documented with more detailed photographs and location notes on an elevation

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Company Overview :

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60 - 100 Employees




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